Ben Clench, Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. Author and Speaker

Ben and Jazz, 2009

Sustained Traumatic Brain Injury in 2010 being run over at the age of 27, visiting his girlfriend in the Dominican Republic, who did not survive. Recovery has seen him spread the message of how recovery and patients’ voice must be paramount in shaping the goals one hopes to achieve. The memoir was developed to give others suffering similar catastrophic injuries hope and a positive view of the way forward.

Survival hung on the immediate action his family took and the care provided by £10 health insurance. This involved being repatriated by air ambulance while still in a coma. The twists and turns of recovery are extremely uncertain with prognosis given to him and family was extremely negative, giving the worst outcomes which can be envisaged.

However, the advice given by the Doctor in the Dominican Republic to ‘always follow the patient’ was advice his family stuck to. Key milestones were doing what he would have done before, much to the dismay of the medical support team. A mere nine months after release from hospital, and less than a year out of intensive care, he was studying full-time for a Master’s degree, striving to regain his cognitive abilities with a view to resuming a career in international development.

This book is unusual in the story is told not only by Ben but through the contributions of 25 of my family, friends and those who have helped with  recovery aims.

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