About Me

I survived this tragedy. I am physically fit and do Tai Chi to work on my co-ordination to continue to become ‘Ben Again’. However, I had some difficulties with a poor short-term memory which has improved greatly with time, but I continue to have poor hand control and a tremor as a result of the injury I sustained. But I am enjoying life despite these difficulties and set-backs.

Just over a year in my recovery, I had a series of head scans. The doctor concerned showed these, along with scans of another patient who was faring considerably worse and in a wheelchair, to medical conference delegates. When he asked the audience to predict how the two patients were doing, they said that I must be in a wheelchair and not doing particularly well. At the time I was doing another Master’s, so the doctor could demonstrate that brain scans were not a very reliable indication of the progress people can make after a head injury.

It was this doctor, Dr Tim Ham who suggested that I write about my experience, as it would give so many other people suffering from such a major trauma hope. My experience shows that the predictions from medical staff are not always correct and given the support one can have a positive and meaningful recovery. I hope that this book attests to this and can give other people in difficult situations some drive to pursue their recovery in their own way. We must all follow our own paths to become ourselves again.

Ben, 2nd August 2017