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An inspirational book *****

Ben Again tells the incredible story of a young man’s recovery from a serious brain injury. Ben was involved in a hit-and-run accident while on holiday with his girlfriend in the Dominican Republic. His girlfriend was killed and Ben was left in a coma. Contrary to the doctors’ expectations, he made a remarkable recovery. Less than two years later, he was studying for a second masters degree and running a half-marathon. Ben’s story is told by Ben himself and through contributions from family and friends. The main factor behind his recovery has been his perseverance and determination to succeed. It has been a hard struggle and there is still some way to go, but his story is an inspiration to us all – and in particular to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.
Diana Conyers, 12 April 2017

Inspiring *****

Very inspiring read. To understand both Ben’s journey and that of a very caring family, through to his shear determination and final recovery.
I hope it inspires others to take his lead.
Debs, 4 May 2017

The Power of Love *****

A must read for anyone needing inspiration not to give up on anything in life and an important message about the power of Family Love.
M. L. D. Kenny, 27 April 2017

Fantastic book *****

Gripping, honest and emotional. A must read.
Robbie Barkell, 22 March 2017

An insightful, inspirational, emotional and true account *****

I started this book and was driven to read it from start to finish almost in one go. I have never read such an emotional yet inspiring ‘story’. It made me cry on several occasions but most of all it opened my eyes to understanding what people go through and what in reality ‘recovery’ can truly mean. This is not just for the individual who is injured but also for those close to them.
This is a truly engaging and totally absorbing read. It has significant contributions from family, friends and professionals who were either directly involved or directly affected by Ben’s accident or in his care and rehabilitation after it. It is sometimes entertaining, often harrowing but always thought provoking. It outlines healthcare successes and shortfalls but mostly shows the effect on a family and the level of input and heartache that goes alongside major traumatic brain injuries.
I congratulate everyone involved in writing this book but especially Ben for his quite astonishing achievements. However, It is clear that he could never have achieved these without the devotion and support of his family, his friends and some of his hired helpers.
I recommend this book to everyone as it is a real story of astonishing drive in trying to triumph over appalling physical adversity and I guess the story doesn’t end here.
Sevled, 23 March 2017

A timeless truth *****

This is a very moving and powerful book: a tour de force in every way. Through the wide range of contributors, Ben demonstrates the immense effect of a major trauma like this, not only on the individual but on their family, friends, carers and others around them. Ben’s book illustrates how recovery from an event like this is also a long, extremely hard slog, plumbing depths of patience and understanding, with many setbacks as well as advances. It is not something that anyone ever comes to terms with or gets over. The book is a tough, honest and emotional read at times but also funny and uplifting, full of courage and resilience. It demonstrates healthcare at its best and also at its worst – and not in predictable places. I would strongly recommend this to anyone training in health or social care, especially if they plan to work in accident and emergency settings. Professionals’ relationships with those in their care, especially during initial encounters, can so often set the scene for an effective path to recovery, irrespective of scientific advances. This book offers deep insights into this timeless truth.
Devonnightreader, 4 March 2017

A remarkable journey *****

Ben Clench’s book is undoubtedly a great achievement – not just as a testament to his recovery but as a memoir in its own right. He takes the reader from the single fateful moment through the turbulent recovery process as he works to regain his physical, mental and emotional health. For me, the highlight is that this book is not just Ben’s voice, but many voices. The story is expertly woven together from the perspectives of Ben’s family members, friends and health care providers. At times, especially immediately following the accident, their voices necessarily dominate, but as the book goes on, Ben’s voice becomes stronger and stronger as he rediscovers his identity. Ben’s critical reflections – both positive and negative – on the healthcare he received was another highlight for me and an important reminder that the patient’s voice must remain central to the decisions that affect them. Those with an interest in the subject matter or memoirs more broadly, affected in some way by a traumatic brain injury or in the healthcare field will not be disappointed by Ben Again.
Ross Tanner, 21 March 2017

I particularly liked the very matter-of-fact approach *****

I found the book very moving and very inspirational. I particularly liked the very matter-of-fact approach Ben – and those who contributed to the book – took to what was obviously a deeply traumatic time. I take my hat off to him!
I wish Ben every success in wherever your journey in life takes him, and I hope that the book gains the publicity it richly deserves.
Roland Chesters, 8 March 2017